A downloadable RPG for Windows

Casia is a long open-world game where you take control of a girl named Casia. Casia has just turned 16, which means that she has achieved adulthood by the standards of her home town. Even as she sets out to live her newfound adult life and explore the world she lives in, a sinister plot is set into motion behind her back. The plan involves terrifying creatures and a powerful artifact which Casia's father died to protect. From this point onward, everything is up to you. Where will you go? Who will you meet? What will you decide to do?

- Over 30 hours of gameplay, depending on your decisions in game
- An enormous world to explore freely
- Loads of secrets and powerful items
- Control over events in game
- Up to 18 playable characters you can uncover - most of them are well-hidden
- Challening battles
- Lots of varying mini-games and puzzles to give some mental stimulation
- A dynamic day and weather system that imitates real world conditions
- Maximum six party members at once, easily changed through a well-known party switcher

StatusIn development
PublisherBrady LaTessa
GenreRole Playing
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Casia.zip (incomplete) 187 MB